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TRI-OLOGY is a GREAT Partner for Dental Professionals!


TRI-OLOGY Debriding Serum provides subgingival and supragingival antimicrobial micro-foaming removal of debris, bacteria, and irritants. Microbiological testing has shown a reduction of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Essential oils and whole-plant nutrients are retained and slowly released into oral fluids for 7–12 hours. Patented blend of carbamide peroxide and bioactive nutrients balances pH, increases potential for accelerated healing, and reduces pain.  TRI-OLOGY products never stain teeth or tissues and do not kill oral fibroblast cells.


Plus TRI-OLOGY Restoring Rinse is a Great alternative to CHX !

Powerful Results with NO STAINS, EVER!


Meet Dr. Bowen & Dr. Opdahl as they describe a few of their experiences using TRI-OLOGY.






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