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Science proves TRIOLOGY™ promotes healing by
killing bacteria without elimination of healing cells

Advanced Oral Biology for Advanced Oral Care™

  • TRIOLOGY™ for Dentistry

    Jeremy Bowen, DDS

    “TRIOLOGY™ Debriding Serum plays a significant role in the elimination of bacterial pathogens.”

  • TRIOLOGY™ for Medical Wellness

    Dr. Mark Strehlow, Medical Director, Rock Creek Wellness

    "The TRIOLOGY™ System reduces mouth pathogens, a potential source of inflammation and disease"

  • See TRIOLOGY™ in action

    Watch how members of our advisory team have been using TRIOLOGY™ in their dental practices

  • Better Patient Outcomes

    Kirk Opdahl, DDS, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)

    “The TRIOLOGY™ system has greatly shortened healing time and increased patient comfort.”

  • Better cleansing = faster healing

    TRIOLOGY™ increases the potential for healing while reducing pain and inflammation

  • TRIOLOGY™ featured in REALITY FirstLook

    Read Dr. Miller's review of TRIOLOGY and how it compares to CHX

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What is TRIOLOGY™?

TRIOLOGY™ is the breakthrough cleansing and restoring system

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Discover the many health benefits of using TRIOLOGY™

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Learn how to use TRIOLOGY™ during dental procedures

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Customer Reviews

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TRIOLOGY™ vs. chlorhexidine gluconate

Because the TRIOLOGY™ advanced antiseptic oral cleansing system successfully integrates with saliva, it is more effective than chlorhexidine gluconate at removing tartar, debris, and irritants that contribute to gum infection and inflammation. Initial studies have found TRIOLOGY™ to be more effective than chlorhexidine gluconate at inhibiting the growth of microbes, and unlike chlorhexidine gluconate, TRIOLOGY™ is not associated with risks such as restoration staining and increased tartar buildup.

 TRIOLOGY™ Debriding Oral Rinsechlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse
Dosage 4ml 15ml
Integrates with saliva for superior cleansing  
Superior inhibition of plaque-causing bacteria  
Safe for women who are pregnant or nursing  
Safe for long-term use  
Does not stain restorations
Does not stain teeth and tongue
Is pleasant tasting — will not alter taste buds
Does not cause mouth / throat irritation
Will not increase tartar buildup