Regular Mist Sprayer for 2oz Restoring Rinse

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For TRI-OLOGY users that prefer a spray or can't quite get over the wonderful green color of our Restoring Rinse, this pump sprayer is an excellent option. Just 6 pumps deliver the 4ml equivalent recommended dosage while never having to see the product leave the bottle. Remove the last barrier to superior oral health through this simple, and cost effective, delivery system. This sprayer also helps ensure accurate dosing and makes it easier to treat sensitive mouth areas without swishing.

This Sprayer fits the TRI-OLOGY 2oz Restoring Rinse bottle.


This mist sprayer is great for:

  • Children or special need individuals and others who have difficulty swishing and spitting and need something safe to swallow.
  • TRI-OLOGY users who have difficulty with the green color of the Restoring Rinse.




Use in place of regular cap on Restoring Rinse bottle.